dont ever fall in love with shy boys… go buy instead some coke or heroin..

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"I BELIEVE THAT HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST GIRLS. -Audrey Hepburn" (via thedailypozitive)

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"I got dressed this morning. For myself.
Put on eye liner. for myself.

Put on my favorite red lipstick. for myself.

Showed a bit of skin. for myself
I wanted to be beautiful. For myself."
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"She’s sunny one minute then she’s pouring down rain"
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"I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure."
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"Kinda pointless to fight for what you want when what you want continues to break your heart."
— Stealing Harper (Molly McAdams)

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"You don’t get better on the days when you feel like going. You get better on the days when you don’t want to go, but you go anyway. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired body or unmotivated mind, you will grow and become better. It won’t be the best workout you have, you won’t accomplish as much as what you usually do when you actually feel good, but that doesn’t matter. Growth is a long term game, and the crappy days are more important."
— The Way of the Fight (Georges St. Pierre)

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what if 911 called you

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"Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."
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Me: i'm over my crush
Crush: hey
Me: nvm

5 Things They Don’t Teach you in Highschool:

1) You’re going to leave the house at 2AM, 16 with nothing in your pockets but 50 bucks and a bus ticket. It won’t feel real. You’re going to think you’re leaving, but you aren’t going anywhere.

2) Swallow your fucking pride and go back inside. Lock your bedroom door, put your hands over your ears, bring your knees to your chest and when you’re ready, let your walls disintegrate and the sadness flood in, because baby I promise you, you’ll feel better if you just let yourself drown. Even if it’s the third goddamn time that week.

3) He’s going to taste like Newports, Trident spearmint and desperation. You’re going to taste like Lime-a-Rita’s and anxiety. You will tell yourself you need this. But you don’t. I promise you. You don’t. You don’t.

4) You’re going to have girlfriends who fall for boys who treat them like absolute shit. Do not learn from them. If a boy calls you a bitch, spit in his face and leave.

5) Do it even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. Even if you’re still convinced that he was hiding galaxies beneath his skin. Because baby I promise you, he was the always dark night sky and you were always the full moon. No question bout’ it.

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"Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better."
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